Let’s Be Generic – My First Blog!

I’ve been toying with getting a blog for several years. I can’t really say how many, probably since my early days in college when it was clear I wasn’t using deviantART as much as I had been.

Blogging, of course, was something I had kind-of-sort-of tried before; I had a Xenga (wow, how old am I to remember Xenga) around my freshman year; a LiveJournal my sophomore. Nothing ever really happened with it. I’d post for a few days, then quit. My vlog, “GirlvsCity” on youtube, survived surprisingly long and still gets updated infrequently.

I started this because I’d thought about it for a long time; because I really am not using dA hardly at all anymore and I don’t want to move over to Facebook; it might be good for my Etsy shop (but doing anything for that thing is like trying to fix the headache of a drowning man); but finally because of my session with Dawn Lianna today.

I talked with Dawn before, back when I was 18 as an “off to college!” gift from my aunt, and after four years of intending to do it again, I decided enough was confusing me in my life that I should give her a call.

She’s an awesome lady; the first issue we discussed is the one that’s been on the minds of all of my friends as well, and that’s my writing. So, we talked about that, and one of the last things we talked about – though not the most important – was starting a blog. So I said, “Hey. Why the hell not.” The big issue behind why I never updated journals, and more particularly my vlog, was the huge amount of work that goes into it. The desire to be bigger and better and smarter each time. So strategy number one? Forget all that. Write the blog for the fun of it, share it with whoever wants to see it, and for the rest, just don’t worry about it.

The other steps of fixing my writing? Well, there’s the one Michael suggested, finishing any projects from 2009 to the present that have been left undone (which is daunting, but not as daunting as if we’d done everything since I was thirteen. Then there would be no hope). The other strategies Dawn and I discussed were writing whatever I feel first thing in the morning, and recognizing that a lot of my creativity is used with my job right now, and that that’s okay.

The other stuff we discussed is not yet relevant to this blog. So what are the goals here – much the same they were for “GirlvsCity,” which, when reflected upon, was a successful venture: there it was to talk about my time in New York, away from home, which I did. This is to talk about me at a crossroads in my life, newly twenty two. Which I am. Hopefully the blog will be as popular with my friends (mainly in New York) as the vlog was, and I think they can accompany each other. I know Michael enjoyed being able to see me, but I think he might like to see me breaking out the ol’ rapier wit again.

Provided that’s what I do.

So there are no promises with this thing; so update schedules, no lofty goals. I’ll write whatever I feel like writing, when I feel like it. I will tell whatever stories I want to tell, and if it bores you, well….that’s just too bad. Why are you here anyway, then?

There are a lot of people at the age of 22 who are confused, I’d dare say most of those at that age are. Hopefully this blog will find an audience in them. For those who are past that and know where they’re going and can appreciate where they’ve been, then one can look back wistfully and pass on the advice that was given at that age. And for all those who are younger…..this is your warning for the future. Look out.


About emilydnelson

A recent graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in anthropology, Emily is like every other twenty-two year old on the planet - trying to figure out what the hell to do now. Follow as she struggles with writing, her social work job, and bopping from coast to coast.
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