Crazy Day

Oh my gosh. A second post, the following day – I have already exceeded most people’s expectations right there.

Today’s a tough day for me: in about twenty minutes, I leave for work (which reminds me, I need to get my thermos of coffee ready), and in the morning it’s pre-schoolers. Hoo boy. I hesitate to mention too much about my job. For one thing, I’m a city employee, and ragging about your job online is a dumb move in the days of constant access (my friend Corissa got fired from J.C. Penny for it). That doesn’t bother me so much. What I would find unconscionable, however, is that pretty much all of my job centers around minors – giving specifics and ages and all that could be not only dangerous, but potentially embarrassing or infuriating to the families I work with. So I probably won’t say too much about my job. Believe me, I’d like to, but modesty forbids.

Suffice to say that for today, though, I have a lot to do. Pre-school if followed by tutoring at JL (abbreviations! How clever I am!). Then it’s back to Montavilla for more tutoring, this time privately, and thus my day ends about 5 o’clock. This would be long enough, but after all THAT I’m going to have to dash to the Coorpender’s for dinner with the folks. I don’t even want to think about what traffic will be like between I-84 west and I-5 north.

So there’s all that. There’s lots of other things on my mind. Mostly small errands – Emily, when are you going to remember to call Rite-Aid and get a refill on your meds? Emily, you STILL haven’t gone to Target. Emily, Emily, Emily. Thus goes the little voice in my head.

Well, I’ve been busy. I also need to call my aunt as we’re going out for breakfast this Saturday. I don’t know where, I don’t know when. I didn’t even remember we were doing it until Mom reminded me over dinner last night. Equally, I didn’t remember we were going to the Coorpender’s until then. With being sick and my birthday last week and plenty to do at work….my mind hasn’t been very clear and my time’s been at a premium.

There is a little more drama on top of that. My dad got offered the Ashland job. Which to me says “Hooray! My dad gets out of the job he hates (also city employment) and Mom will be happy since she likes Ashland!” But alas, life is never that simple. Papa doesn’t want to do it because it’s all graveyard work, and he really wants the other job in Black Butte, which he’s convinced he won’t get. And then there are friends and family and neighbors that like having us around. It’s like a love triangle/soap opera for job searches. I just want my dad to do whatever’s going to make him happy, really. Anyway, he’s talking to the chief today, so we’ll find out what happens after that.

I’m going to wrap it up there. I could ramble, but I gotta make my coffee, and now you know the big stuff for the day. It’s going to be long and hard, but at least I work with good people all day long, and the kids at JL are wonderful. Sometimes, I really enjoy my job, in-spite of myself.

I just want to say that while my day was good, it was surprisingly….scatological.

One of my preschool kids wanted help wiping after using the bathroom. I had my hands full managing half a dozen other small children, but there was no way that was happening anyway. I told Kaylah afterward.

“You know, Emily, sometimes you just have to go in there, and-”
“Nope. Nope, they do not pay me near enough for that.”
She started laughing. “But you’re going to have kids of your own someday!”
“Sure, and when that happens, then I can move on to professional butt wiper. But not now.”

The kid ended up constantly rubbing at his behind the rest of the class, so this is the joy I work with. As to the rest of it, Bruce and Maureen got a new camping toilet thing, and that directed much of the after dinner conversation. That, and Scrabble. I leave it to you decide which is worse.


About emilydnelson

A recent graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in anthropology, Emily is like every other twenty-two year old on the planet - trying to figure out what the hell to do now. Follow as she struggles with writing, her social work job, and bopping from coast to coast.
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