Grab a pic! Do a blog!

Yeah, I was listening to Dr. Horrible today….

Finally had breakfast with my aunt as planned, over at the Beaterville Cafe. Got the “Thunderbird” scramble, which was good, but I’d leave the turkey out of it next time – it’s that, plus bacon, spinach, tomatoes and garlic. It was good, but I liked what I got last time a little better – the deSoto omelet, which is what I convinced my aunt to get, and it was worth it. She ate the whole thing, and they do not skimp on the servings.

Turns out my aunt Linda is a big reader of this blog! She doesn’t get all the references (thus the title will no doubt be confusing), but she’s really enjoying it! Said it gave us plenty to talk about at breakfast, which I think is true.

Speaking of readership, I heard from my old friend Cory – we haven’t really talked much since high school, but we’d been friends since middle school, so it was great hearing from her! Sounds like this blog was a really good idea, even if the readership is not huge. It seems to be doing its job admirably.

So after breakfast, I came home and rested for a little while, played some Pokemon Emerald – Holy Jesus passing out Easter candy, when the heck do I get a chance at catching Rayquaza? Groudon? …other complicated name!? Chris doesn’t remember, maybe Hanna will give another helpful comment. But knowing him….I doubt it. I would love to talk about how I just caught a Sableye finally and ooh I had to give up my Absol but it’s going to be so cool – but that would be stupid, so I won’t.

I’m such a geeeeeek.

Anyway, after all THAT I had to stop by the park and plan some stuff with for the preschool with B and K – but mostly make soap. Lots of soap. It was fun! Messy. They used up pretty much all my almond fragrance, but hey, that was free anyway, and as well as it matched some soaps, they helped pay for the base I bought, so fair deal, right? And besides, friends share. Even Hanna shares with me. And he hates sharing. That’s the thing with guys, I guess, that I appreciate, at least guys like that. They show their affection mainly in what they tolerate rather than what they give. Which is not to say Hanna hasn’t given me stuff, because he has, but I think probably the cutest symbol of his friendship was that I squeezed his toothpaste tube from the middle for a week and a half – and that OCD freak was tortured, but never said a word about it.

Enough mushy stuff. So, soap, it was good. Not sure what I’ll do with all my cut, I guess put it up on Etsy. I gave some of it to our neighbor Mary. I have to repost a bunch of stuff on my shop; first my tarot readings expired, then all my “cleaning sale.” Man, I really thought some of that stuff was going to sell, too. Well, later on I can try again and post some new stuff.

The big news today is that my folks went shopping for a pop-up camping trailer and found one they plan on ordering – and they are SO excited. I have to admit, the way they talk about it makes it pretty exciting. It’s got two little beds (as Mom put it, one for her, and one for Papa and the dogs), a little kitchen with a fridge, the bigger bed becomes a table, it’s really pretty nifty. Probably the best part is its simplicity. My parents aren’t, you know, young (sorry, Mom) so this is just the amount of comfort they need without getting one of the monstrosities our neighbor has that make camping completely pointless, as you don’t really leave home. They’d still cook with their nifty gas cook stove, still enjoy a fire outside – just not roughing it the way they used to. And that’s fine.

I’d have to sleep in a tent, but that’s okay. As I told my dad, “Hey, I can stay there with my future boyfriend, lots of privacy!” I told this to Chris, his response was less than kind:

“Yeah, but by the time you’re not single, you’re not going to be living at home!”

He is so mean.

Anyway, so the folks are out at church, gambling – oh yeah, so totally gambling. I’m having a relaxing night at home. Unfortunately, no D&D tomorrow, but it gives me a chance to rest, which I need. AND we get Eggs Nelson tomorrow, yay!

I’ll post pictures and more rambles soon, guys. Enjoy your pagan holiday of fertility tomorrow (I know I already am, bang!).


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A recent graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in anthropology, Emily is like every other twenty-two year old on the planet - trying to figure out what the hell to do now. Follow as she struggles with writing, her social work job, and bopping from coast to coast.
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4 Responses to Grab a pic! Do a blog!

  1. That Hanna Creature says:

    Psst! Won’t leave a comment…stupid woman…

    After you see the scene with the three legendaries in Sootopolis, you can catch Rayquaza at the Sky Pillar. You’ll need the Mach bike to get up to him. BE CAREFUL. Rayquaza is level 70, and will kick your ass if you’re not totally prepared. Make sure you have an ice type or someone who can use ice attacks. Rayquaza is a Dragon/Flying type and has a x4 weakness to ice. Oh, and it knows Rest. The fucker.

    You can catch Kyogre (that one) and Groudon after you beat the Elite Four if you go to the weather institute on Route 119 and talk to the scientist upstairs. He’ll tell you about strange weather on a route, and you need to go there and look for a cave. You’ll know you’re in the right area when the weather changes, sun for Groudon, rain and thunder for Kyogre. You’ll have to dive to find Kyogre, so make sure you have an HM whore with you.

    My toothpaste is much happier without you. So, so much happier.

    • emilydnelson says:

      Jesus I love you.

      But whaaaaaat!? Half the point in the first two games of getting the Legendaries was getting the leg up on the Elite Four! Lvl. 70?!?!

      Bitches be crazy….

      • That Hanna Creature says:

        Bro, with a level 70 super dragon, the Elite Four will be cake. You’re really only supposed to have the title legendary before the Elite Four anyway.

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