Pity for Fools

The Rapture That Wasn’t

It’s easy to laugh at this sort of thing. I’ve done my share of it over the last week. But really – much like bin Laden – I’m left more with a feeling of sadness than triumph.

Not because the Rapture didn’t come. I remember once, when we were freshmen in high school, Jamie said she was ready for God to take her right then and there and destroy everything. This baffled me – I liked, and do like, the world so much. Okay, I’m going to risk sounding like a hippie here, but I really do; I’ll walk by certain trees and reach out to touch them. YesIknowthisisincrediblydumb, but I always feel like the trees are happy that someone noticed them, was appreciating the world with them. I’ll…..talk about trees another day, I sound stupid enough right here. Anyway, Jamie’s desire for the Rapture stumped me, as I figured if God had created the world, he must have wanted us to enjoy it, and that was my full intent.

So I am sad not from a lack of Rapture, but for the people who wished for it so passionately. A lot of the people I know are gloatingly pleased with this, and it’s not like I blame them. Their feeling is these people were fools and not even very good Christians, and I don’t disagree with that.

But I’m a soft heart, I really am. I see that poor guy from Staten Island who spent $140K of his savings trying to let people know about the end of the world – and I just feel sorry for him. I don’t feel sorry for Camping. The pied piper has played this song before, and I think he deserves whatever he gets. But I don’t feel like he’ll be the one to truly suffer at the end of all this. What happens to his followers? Think of how many people are now destitute – who committed suicide in anticipation of or despair over the Rapture. It’s easy to say it is their own fault for their stupidity, and I’m not saying it’s not.

But I suppose the whole point of their not being a Rapture – or at least, in my opinion, this is the point – is that we are left to remember God’s compassion, not His vindictiveness. If we wish to go with God, to experience His design, let us not spend time pointing fingers at who the fools and false prophets were – who would be left behind and who would be selected. Let us embrace one another in love and forgiveness. This is the only thing I believe we can ever know about the mind of God.


About emilydnelson

A recent graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in anthropology, Emily is like every other twenty-two year old on the planet - trying to figure out what the hell to do now. Follow as she struggles with writing, her social work job, and bopping from coast to coast.
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3 Responses to Pity for Fools

  1. That Hanna Creature says:

    Derp! Duh…dum de dum! Wat’s a Rapshure?!

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