Maybe I Shouldn’t House Sit

Those of you who are regulars may remember when I house sat for my aunt and all the problems I had then….

My clutziness has not improved in two months.

Most issues I’ve had were small, like hooking up the internet (sorry I had to reset your router, Todd and Kendra…..); the dog’s so happy to see me it pees; minor spills and whathaveyou.

Then I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something, because it was one disaster after another. Pouring cat food into a dish, the lid came off and now SUDDENLY CAT FOOD! I felt like I was getting punk’d, like someone loosened the cap of a salt shaker or something.

“Okay…” I sighed. “Not a big deal, just…..just clean up the small mountain of Meow Mix….”

What I was REALLY looking forward to was trying out the espresso maker! I like coffee, but the large pots aren’t really for me. I like fancy coffees, and my parents don’t, so one or two cups of that and I’m pretty well set! No waste, no fuss! Kendra had shown me how to operate the thing, and so I started out…..

First, the coffee grounds spill – but just a bit! It’s locked in, it’s actually making the espresso….The cup is full. W-why isn’t it stopping? Oh no, it’s still going….ahhh, should I pick up the glass? OH MY GOSH THAT GLASS IS HOT. But whatever, I got it poured in, time to froth the milk! Burned myself there, too. And the milk wasn’t even hot.

In fact, the entire coffee was cold. Which I didn’t care about, since it’s hot out anyway, and I REALLY didn’t care because it was so tasty, but I’m wondering what else is going to go wrong.

A frivolous post, I know; I actually wrote something deeper yesterday morning, but I have to wait to post it. You’ll see why when it’s up.

Enjoy the weekend, folks.


About emilydnelson

A recent graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in anthropology, Emily is like every other twenty-two year old on the planet - trying to figure out what the hell to do now. Follow as she struggles with writing, her social work job, and bopping from coast to coast.
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