Google+ and Adulthood

First, that job, as I got some excited emails, anxious for details:

It’s PROBABLY not permanent, so don’t get too excited, and by not permanent I mean I may be done with it at the end of next week. It’s a pre-school teaching position, part-time, way the way up in St. John’s. And when I say teaching, I really mean it, which I’ve never really done before, but we did days of the week yesterday, and numbers, and practicing being in line, so eat it, people with degrees.

The kids were…angelic. I’m totally flabbergasted. I had one that threw a couple tantrums, but they were all excellent listeners, as if they’d been going to pre-school forever, and for most of them it was their very first day. But they were sweet, and shared, and despite some parental warnings, were EASY.

The place is HUGE, but shockingly has way less stuff than Montavilla. Like, starved for toys and bereft of good gym equipment. But the kids were totally grateful for the gym equipment they DID have, whereas my other kids would be saying “Teacher Emily, can we get out other stuff?” when there’s a small mountain of stuff out already. I maintain children are exactly like small adults in many ways.

The employees are pretty nice. I’m….not sure what I think of their main teacher. I thought she was nice, then displayed the territoriality I was so sick of at Montavilla. So I’m torn. Her room is pretty decked out, though, and were I to stay, I’d expect a budget to get toys and supplies. Which apparently they’re trying to do, it’s a brand new program.

Considering I had less than twenty-four hours to prepare, I consider this a resounding victory. What’s even more resounding is that my boss over at Montavilla, let us call her “KA” (too many Ks…) not only recommended me for the job, which is highly gratifying in and of itself, but forwarded them my cover letter and resume. So while I doubt I’m in the running for the permanent position, I’m obviously doing SOMETHING right in the world.

Now, on to Google+:

I never joined Facebook. I was bullied into it once but deleted the account within 24 hours. I had a MySpace I never EVER used in high school. Mostly I never liked what Facebook stood for – people I didn’t like watching my every move, posting snarky and immature comments and really freaking stupid games like Farmville. Despite all this, when I heard about Google+, I waited impatiently for it to go public.

The reasons were manifold: it would be brand new, so maybe all the people I hate wouldn’t try to be my friend there, and there wouldn’t be a culture of drama built-in, and maybe it would be a fresh start. And I liked the features it offered, and everything Google touches turns to gold. Try Chrome if you don’t believe me. And now that I was officially out of school, it would be a nice way to connect to friends. I joined last night and wasn’t sure it was going to work – but omg, it did. I’ve already connected with Aaron and reconnected with Jink, and actually talked to someone on there, and am getting updates about my friends’ lives that I had no idea about. So if you want to add me, look me up, I’m sure you’ll have NO problems….

I think that’s about all I want to get into today, it’s mainly going to be a day for relaxing today. Oh, and I have other jobs I’m applying for, but even were I to get the one in St. John’s, I’d have to move, that commute is brutal. But that would be okay, too.

Once again, I must be doing something right, because I got a call this afternoon to fill in as the MAIN pre-school teacher tomorrow afternoon about an hour after I finish up at St. John’s. And here I thought I Was going to be poor this month.


About emilydnelson

A recent graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in anthropology, Emily is like every other twenty-two year old on the planet - trying to figure out what the hell to do now. Follow as she struggles with writing, her social work job, and bopping from coast to coast.
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