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A Review: Midnight in Paris

The last movie I probably reviewed on here was “Delovely,” and just like it, “Midnight in Paris” was graciously brought over by my cousin. That it’s a Woody Allen didn’t really affect me either way; my immediate family doesn’t like … Continue reading

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More Stuff!

I’m sure all you lovely people have lately found your minds wandering back to that post I did about making a small profit on Etsy. So minuscule a profit that I could not even make a long distance phone call … Continue reading

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Finding the Balance

I think a lot about my future life as a wife and mother. It’s a little cart-before-the-horse, but it’s good to consider these sorts of things. Otherwise, you won’t know what to do when the time comes, right? To my … Continue reading

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Really? Seriously?

Girl Upset Because Her School Has Standards This really ticks me off. Mainly because her mother is allowing her to make this into such a scene. And a lawsuit? Puh-lease. Let’s just cover this. The school has a dress code. … Continue reading

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Books You Kinda Wish You Didn’t Own, But Sort of Want to Keep

Hey, guys. I was musing on this just now and thought I’d get your response. Maybe two years ago I picked up a book off the sale rack at Barnes and Noble called “Emperor: the Gods of War.” I am … Continue reading

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Recommendations to Strangers

“As for your conduct towards Miss Cardew, I must say that your taking in a sweet, simple, innocent girl like that is quite inexcusable.” It was at this point I was pulled onto the stage. Probably because I fit the … Continue reading

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Holy Crap, Guys, I Am So Sad

Somehow I managed to not hear about it for nearly two months, but Christopher Hitchens died right before Christmas. My face is this right now: D: Plus this: ;_: And also this: TT__TT Now I’ll never get that book I … Continue reading

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