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I’m sure all you lovely people have lately found your minds wandering back to that post I did about making a small profit on Etsy. So minuscule a profit that I could not even make a long distance phone call on a pay phone, but that’s really not the point. Well, that 42 cents has come and gone, and where has it gone to? Listing fees on Etsy, so I can someday make ANOTHER 42 cents! And then maybe even a whole dollar! You gotta dream big, people.

So just to remind you that I exist and have hobbies and that you should support this (or my hobbies may start being – I dunno – mailing my tormentors envelopes of anthrax. Or something), here’s some handy dandy photos!

"Honey Oatnut Crunch" honey and oatmeal soap

"Coffee Blossom" shea butter soap with organic coffee

The lovely Jess models the honeycomb sweater (with vintage wool) I've been slaving over since October

I think by now you know what my expectations are, hint hint….

Eden Soaps and Knits, CLICK HERE, YOU!


About emilydnelson

A recent graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in anthropology, Emily is like every other twenty-two year old on the planet - trying to figure out what the hell to do now. Follow as she struggles with writing, her social work job, and bopping from coast to coast.
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