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A Robot That Plays Rock, Paper, Scissors

And is a little cheating bastard. I know people are all like “Nuuu, it’s the rise of the machines!” but I can’t wait for my own personal robot. His name will be Stanley and he will be my BEST FRIEND … Continue reading

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You’d Better Run For Cover When the Pup Grows Up

Bud and Carol were back from Arizona at long last, and with them, their two Belgian Shepherds, Ike and the one year-old Roger. Of course their dogs and ours have always barked at each other from across the fence; with … Continue reading

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When “Cracked” Is Deep and Also Scary

Why Some Men Are Trained to Hate Women I talk a decent amount about women trying to be separate from men and make their own choices, and this article, though from a (wonderful) humor site, really gets it from the … Continue reading

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Your News for the Day

Ruth Marcus, “Why I knit.” I’m not sure I could say anything more eloquent about knitting and women who knit, and why it should not be dismissed off hand. Indeed, at some of the scathing comments by the USOC mentioned, … Continue reading

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Perks of the Job

If we’re going to be honest, I don’t really like my job. It’s just so emotionally and mentally draining that it’s hard to be satisfied unless this was your whole life goal to begin with. And it just wasn’t mine. … Continue reading

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Here a Lee, There a Lee

Don’t forget, tomorrow’s the 4th of July! And what does that mean? Barbecues? Fireworks? Shit no! It’s my ANNUAL 1776 FEST! Remember. Turner Classic Movies. Two o’clock (five EST). Be there, OR BE DOING SOMETHING NOT AS FREAKING COOL! Leave … Continue reading

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The Middle Under Fire

I finally have a little time before work this morning to update this blog. Right now, it’ll be another look at the nation’s politics, which are certainly exploding in such a manner as to rival my douchebag neighbors who can’t … Continue reading

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