Closing Doors, Opening Windows

Today was my last day at the center. Bittersweet, to say the least. Saying goodbye to the kids wasn’t easy but the most emotional part for me was seeing all the work I’d put in – and just sort of….leaving it unfinished. I opened a drawer and saw the curriculum I’d worked so hard on, all the plans I had made…and they just weren’t going to happen.

Oh sure, I’ll be doing a lot of the same sorts of THINGS at my new place. I have no doubt the experience will make me a much better teacher. But it’s not quite the same. It’s tough when the shy kid has finally become chatty with you, and then you have to leave. It’s sad and satisfying to see the kids cleaning up with hardly a word of reminder. They finally start getting all the continents and oceans. They all will miss you when you go.

So it was good to go, I was tired and still in some pain. But it was still….sad. But I did what I could, and now I must move on. I don’t have any particular regrets, and that’s a good thing.

Also, why is it that the hot guys come out of the woodwork when you’re LEAVING an area? You guys are bastards, and you suck.


About emilydnelson

A recent graduate of Hofstra University with a B.A. in anthropology, Emily is like every other twenty-two year old on the planet - trying to figure out what the hell to do now. Follow as she struggles with writing, her social work job, and bopping from coast to coast.
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