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The Belated Birthday Biannual Extravaganza!

I’m not sure biannual was used properly here. Would it indicate I do this twice a year, or this is the second year it’s been done? I was going for something like “bicentennial” but just couldn’t work out the English … Continue reading

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Turkey Lurkey

I’m beginning to think that Virginia only has about three seasons: winter, summer, and neither of those. We went from snow at the end of March full pelt into summer this week; today the high is supposed to be 91. … Continue reading

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Wow, You Win ALL the Awesome Points

Beaker is my favorite….

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Country Kitsch

I took a country walk as it began to rain, down to the mailbox with Sunny, an over-sized moose of a dog – who liked to find and devour poop, and when I made her spit it out, she would … Continue reading

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Opening Doors

I got hit by a bolt of lightning about fifteen minutes ago. Readers will know this blog is all about me flailing about in the sea of life without any sense of direction, and some despair over that fact. I … Continue reading

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Quiet Desperation

Another overwrought title, this time at the courtesy of Thoreau. The other title I considered for this was “slight desperation,” which may be more appropriate to how I’m feeling, but whatever, let’s just move on. My dad’s started his new … Continue reading

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