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Thoughts While Sipping a “57 Chevy”

It is at the title suggests: *Re-reading Pride and Prejudice. I am discovering what I like very much about Elizabeth is her depth and humanity. It is to Austen’s credit that her characters are so well rounded, a subject which … Continue reading

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Well it’s Been a Long Day

I am going to be glad for the end of next week – the end of summer camp. And while that does mean I’ll be unemployed (and I’m significantly poorer than I’d have hoped for, given my illness, camps being … Continue reading

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The Bible Clearly States: No Gay Vehicular Parking

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Poem 2: Untitled Love Poetry

You want a love poem, huh? Not a platonic one, a REAL love poem? You got it. Feel free to suggest a title. I know, dear heart, The love I bear thee be not love. Yet what other name be … Continue reading

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Fan Mail!

An email I received from Douglas Rife of “GravelySpeaking” Emily, Thank you for reading my blog,, and giving it a thumbs up. I read your s and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion of generals of the North and the South. … Continue reading

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Brief Nerd Rants: Longstreet FTW

Among Southern revisionists, two of the favorite figures to canonize are Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Nathan Bedford Forrest was pretty chill for a while until the whole “KKK” thing made him no longer PC. Yes, the group that … Continue reading

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Stars for Dark Hearts

It was always my stated opinion and worry that whenever Cassie “went,” Cleo would not be far behind, in a tragedy fashioned off of “Where the Red Fern Grows.” This was not entirely fantastic in thought – Cleo was ALWAYS … Continue reading

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